Truro planning a renewable business park

Cornwall council has granted planning consent for a wind monitoring mast to be erected at a site near Truro, which is set to house several renewable energy schemes including a wind turbine and a biomass power plant.

The Environment Agency is backing the ‘Wheal Jane Masterplan', which aims to develop a sustainable earth science business cluster, incorporating a single wind turbine, two small-scale hydro-power schemes, ground source geothermal heating, a biomass power plant and a photovoltaic solar farm.

Secure Energy Supply Rethink for Scotland

Scotland needs a new approach to ensuring a secure energy supply, according to CBI Scotland.

The employers' organisation made that one of its top priorities as it set out radical recommendations for political parties preparing for next year's Holyrood elections.

It also called for the economy to be given top priority.

And it said the Scottish government should set out a growth forecast.

In one of the earliest such manifestos, CBI Scotland said it wants a shrinking of the public sector, with more commissioning of private companies to provide public services.

New Small Business being targeted by electricity scams

A recient report in the Daily Mail has reported how some rogue energy brokers are targeting new business and signing them up to long more expensive electricity contracts.  Business Energy Switch has been contacted by many small businessfor help after they have had a similar experience.  Please see below the full Daily Main Report.

Small firms tricked by electric switch


Start-ups and small businesses that have moved premises are being aggressively targeted by energy brokers who claim to be official meter readers.

95% renewable electricity by 2050 possible, says Greenpeace

A major new report from environmental group Greenpeace says that existing technologies can provide 95% renewable electricity by 2050 without affecting economic growth.

The Energy [R]evolution also claims that this can be achieved while phasing out nuclear power and creating 12 million jobs by 2030 – a third more in the global power sector than if a ‘business as usual approach’ is continued.

Business Energy prices fell in the EU last year

The European Union has released figures showing energy prices fell across Europe last year.

The Eurostat data shows that in 27 European countries, gas prices fell by 16 per cent between the second half of 2008 and 2009, while electricity prices were down by 1.5 per cent.

Belgium experienced the largest fall (29 per cent), followed by Italy (26 per cent), Latvia and Slovenia (24 per cent) and Germany (23 per cent). 

The cheapest price for business gas in Europe was found in the UK, Luxembourg and Belgium. 

New hydro power unit starts operating to produce cheap electricity

A newly designed devise to generate cheap eletricity from hydro power has began operating in Scotland.

The system has been deignec by Pulse Tidal and has been installed in the Kylerhea Narrow off the isle of Skye.

The device is beleaved to be the world first fully submerged on a seabed and its horizontal blades are moved up and down by the tide to produce cheap electricity.

OFGEM wants tougher laws on energy suppliers merging

The regulator urged competition authorities to consider carefully the impact of network takeovers on consumers and their bills. It wants network operators such as National Grid and EDF to face the same tough restrictions on mergers and takeovers as water companies.

Any changes to current rules and regulations may come too late to halt a sale of EDF's electricity distribution business to one of its rivals. The energy company is currently assessing a number of bids.

Energy Bill outlined in Queen’s Speech

Legislation is to be introduced to improve energy efficiency in British homes and businesses, to promote low carbon energy and to secure the UK's energy supplies, it was announced today (May 25) as part of the Queen's Speech.

The Energy Bill is intended to create a "step-change" in the provision of energy efficiency measures to homes and businesses, and to put in place a framework to deliver secure, low carbon energy supplies and fair competition in the energy markets.

Renewable Energy to Rescue UK economy has Businesses Backing

The UK's potential as a world leader in renewable energy has been highlighted by business leaders as a driving factor in providing the country with a successful economy for the future. 

National Grid's green revamp will add £4 to energy bills

National Grid revealed today that new investment in a greener energy infrastructure will cost the average UK household an extra £4 a year on energy bills.