Red Tape Costing Small Business Billions

So-called ‘red tape’ is now costing British business as much as £88.3 billion per year, according to new figures from the British Chambers of Commerce (BCC).

The BCC, a leading business pressure group, is calling on the coalition government to stem the “relentless flow” of new regulation, in an effort to reduce the burden on businesses.

According to the same study, the cost of bearing the regulatory burden grew by £11 billion last year. Much of this increase was attributed to the adoption of as many as 40 new regulations from Brussels

Osborne uncommitted at cutting small business corporation tax

Government must recognise challenges facing small businesses.

BDO LLP has expressed disappointment that Chancellor George Osborne has not committed his Government to cutting small business corporation tax to below 20%.

But the company did welcome the broader commitments pertaining to cutting corporation tax in general.

Coalition programme for business

Away from the cosy enchantment in Downing Street, the City and business have been waiting anxiously for clarity and certainty. The Conservative and Liberal Democrats had separately devised radical plans to rebuild the City and reboot the economy. But which policies survived? Has the coalition delivered the foundations for recovery or just a fudge?


Renewable energy inestimate is considered by 50% of UK Companies

There is growing corporate interest in the renewable energy sector due to the introduction of the Carbon Reduction Commitment (CRC) scheme last month in the UK, according a survey commissioned by the InvestinCornwall development agency.

Some 48 per cent of respondents are already using renewable energy sources generated on site or green energy tariffs, while others are merely considering introducing greener energy to their firm.  This could all lead to cheaper business electricity in business gas in the future.

Small business welcome government's business policies

A very warm welcome, but the devil will be in the detail - and the implementation.

That is how small companies and small firm experts have reacted to the coalition government's policies that affect the small business sector.

Outlined as part of the general priorities of the new Conservative-Liberal Democrat administration, there are a wealth of proposals that - at least on paper - will make life easier for small firms.

Renewable Energy Worth a Billion Barrells of Oil and 145,000 Jobs.

The offshore renewable energy industry could generate the same amount of electricity a year by 2050 as one billion barrels of oil, using less than a third of the available space, according to a new report.


The Offshore Valuation Group (OVG) published a full economic study of the UK's offshore renewable resources for the first time yesterday; industry experts have labelled it "groundbreaking".

According to new studies, the UK’s offshore wind, wave and tidal energy could turn the country into a net exporter of energy. The first study to put a financial value on the UK’s offshore renewable energy resources has said that the sector could transform the country from a net energy importer to a net energy exporter by 2050.  This would also lead to cheaper Business Electricity in the future.

Coalition Government to be greenest ever

Just recently, while visiting the Department of Energy and Climate Change with Chris Huhne, Prime Minister David Cameron said that he wants the new coalition administration to be the greenest government ever. He was speaking to civil servants while on his tour around Whitehall to introduce the new government.

Power cuts likely if energy expansion is delayed

The United Kingdom is in danger of facing serious electricity shortages five years from now if the plans to develop new nuclear and renewable energy facilities are held up. This warning came from the Confederation of British Industries.

The Confederation of British Industries has at the same time cautioned members of parliament against watering down of a new fast-track planning system since it would result in delays in the development of new electricity generating stations.

Google aims for Green energy investments in Europe

Google is looking to expand into the energy smart meters business and to invest in renewable generation projects in Europe, the head of green business operations at the internet giant said on Tuesday.

The aim of smart metering technology is to let customers view real-time electricity and gas consumption and allow them to optimize usage and therefore cut energy waste and save money by using energy during low demand periods.