Business Energy Switch Ltd offer hope to small businesses.

Small Businesses are failing to receive the most competitive prices on the market for their gas and electricity purchase.  Business Energy Switch has just launched a new website offering small businesses free, independent advice on how to save money on their gas and electricity purchase.


Small businesses have mostly stuck with their historical supplier and failed to take the benefits on offer from switching their business gas and electricity.  This has meant that most small to medium sized companies have never thought of leaving one of the big six energy providers. 

Study finds the public are bored by climate warnings

Utilities, Government and other interested parties are failing to engage people to fight climate change, according to think-tank the Institute ofPublic Policy Research.


Its research found that people are bored by climate change messages, cynical about government motives to encourage them, deterred by the high cost of low carbon choices and alienated by the undesirable image of green products and services and those who promote them.


Government Loans key to Energy Saving

The Government must underwrite loans for domestic energy efficiency measures in existing homes to keep interest levels low enough to generate a net saving for households, according to a major industry study.


That was the conclusion of a report from the UK Green Building Council, whose members include Eon UK and the Energy Saving Trust.


The study looked at the issues surrounding the government’s ‘whole house’ approach to energy efficiency set out in its Heat and Energy Saving Strategy and it’s UK Low Carbon Transition Plan.


Recession Cuts Energy Demand

The continuing impact of the recession on demand for electricity and gas has been shown graphically in National Grid's latest energy projections.

Weather-corrected demand for gas during the first five months of 2009 was 9.5% lower than 12 months ago.  National grid suggested that the economic downturn could reduce power demand by 7.5%.

One Third of Energy Customers Plan to Switch

One Third of energy customers are planning on changing their energy provider in the next 12 months, according to research carried out by BACS, the direct debit payment organisation.

However, the organisation whose regular survey tests the attitudes of 3,500 consumers, also had good news for energy companies.  It found that 25% of customers said they would definitely switch suppliers and 34% said they were unlikely to switch.

Ofgem urged to ban energy contract rollovers

Small businesses have reacted angrily to Ofgem plans to soften its stance on contract rollovers.  Originally OFGEM was prepared to ban energy contracts rollovers.


Proposals for a ban, following OFGEMS’s price probe last year had been welcomed by small businesses which are unhappy at the regulators revised proposals.  They mean energy suppliers could automatically rollover fixed-term contracts for up to a year.


All UK homes to get free energy efficiency advise.

Energy customers are being encouraged to make their homes more energy efficient by Britain’s big six energy suppliers.


Every household in the country will receive a guide containing advice on low-cost measures, cost-effective actions and behavioural changes that would cut bills and reduce energy use.


The guide will also detail the help available via the utilities Carbon Emissions Reduction Target obligations to provide free or low cost loft and cavity wall insulation, home audits and free energy – efficient light bulbs.


Ofgem backs down on contract rollovers

Ofgem has backed down from its plans to ban automatic contract roll over for small business customers.  Ofgem received strong opposition to the plan from the big six energy suppliers and a number of smaller, non-domestic energy marketers.


The ban on contract rollovers had been welcomed by small businesses, consumers and trade associations.  The ban was one of the key remedies proposed by the regulator following last year’s price probe.


Biogas will be supplied by a pioneering system by 2011.

Waste water sludge will be used to produce bio gas within two years.  The new plant at Davyhulme should produce enough gas to supply 500 homes in Manchester.


National grid and United Utilities who have begun work on a pioneering project centred on the Davyhulme wastewater treatment works.  Under the £4.3 million pilot scheme, anaerobic digestion will be used to produce bio methane for injection into the local gas grid and as fuel for a fleet of sludge tankers.


Future Bills May show Cheaper Tariffs

A Ten Minute Rule Bill introduced in Parliament that would require energy companies to publish details of cheaper tariffs on bills was welcomed by the charity National Energy Action.  The bill which has cross party support was proposed by John Baron, Conservative MP for Billericay.