EU to switch off traditional light bulbs by 2012

EU national representatives have voted to phase out incandescent light bulbs and halogen bulbs between 2009 and 2012.  The European Commission estimates that it will allow EU households to reduce their electricity use by up to 15% and save around £45 a year.  There has been concern about the higher costs of more efficient lamps, but a longer lifetime and price reductions expected from production and lifting of excise duties is expect to render them competitive.

Large Business has known for years the benefits which can be achieved with a committed energy plan.  Large business have saved significant amounts of money over the years with correct negotiation of their corporate gas and electricity contracts and switching to whichever supplier offers the greatest savings.


A guide to switching business electricity and business gas supplier.

Most Businesses remain loyal to their supplier which has led to the six major electricity companies dominating the UK business sector.  Many of the big six have failed to reward faithful customers with a bonus for their loyalty, instead raising charges by up to 100%.


Here’s a quick guide to changing your energy provider.

·        Be aware of your contractual agreement and know when your contract expires.

·        Be sure to terminate your supply with your current supply as per the terms and conditions of the contract.

Wave Power Project in the Isle Of Lewis

Consent has been granted for a wave power project in the Isle of Lewis.  The 4MW scheme will have 40 turbines in a concreate breakwater.

Centrica gas buy

Entrica has brought a 67 per cent interest in the York gas field in the southern North Sea.  The company paid £322 million for the undeveloped field and expects to invest £220 million developing it.

Loyal customers get insufficient reward from energy suppliers

Energy suppliers should focus on exisitng customers more than on acquiring new ones, and reward loyal customers with bonuses or help them save energy, Ofgem's consumer panel has told the regulator.

The regulator's panel of energy consumers also stressed the importance of clearer bills, better information about energy consumtion and easy tariff comparisons.  The consumer first panel said customers wanted bills that were clearer and easier to understand, and a simple indicator to help them compare prices from all suppliers.

GDF Suez has purchased its first wind farm in the UK

GDF Suez has purchased its first windfarm project in the UK.  The site at Craigengelt near Stirling in Scotland has full planning consent and pre-construction work is well underway.  The project was developed by Scotia Wind (Craigengelt) Limited, which has now been acquired by GDF SUEZ.

Scottish Power Renewables granted permission for 13 wind turbines

Scottish Power Renewables has been granted planning permission on appeal for a 13 turbine wind farm next to Rio Tinto Alcan's Lynemouth Smelter in Northumberland

Gas storage schemes at risk

The energy industry has warned the government that without tax relief on some aspects of the development and maintenance of gas storage schemes, a clutch of new projects will not be financially viable and will not leave the drawing board.

Scottish and Southern Energy completes sulphur cuts

Scottish and Southern Energy has completed the commissioning of flue gas desulphurisation equipment at its Fiddlers Ferry power station