UK on track to hit emissions targets

Pollution from emissions including sulphur dioxide and nitrogen oxides continued to fall in 2007 according to figures from the department for enviroment, food and rural affairs.

Defra said sulphur dioxide emissions fell 12 per cent from 0.67 million tonnes (Mt) in 2006 to 0.59Mt in 2007.  The UK had committed to reaching this level of emissions by 2010, under the EU's National Emission Ceiling Directive (NECD)

Deal set to end gas supply crisis

Russian gas supplies to Europe via Ukraine resumed last week after a deal was signed in Brussels by the European Union and the two states.

The EU energy Commissioner Andris Piebalgs, said gas should start flowing on Tuesday morning, bringing the prospect of much needed relief to thousands of households in central Europe, the balkans and Bulgaria.  The area has been without gas supplies since transit through the Ukraine was suspended last week, amid a war of words between the Ukraine government and Gazprom, the Russian energy giant.

Centrica gains 80,000 new business customers

Centrica has gained 80,000 new business customers by taking over customers from failed electricity suppliers E4B and Bizz Energy.

A lords committee has concluded that the Governments target to generate one third of electricty from renewable sources by 2020 could increase electricity costs by 38%

All new coal fired generation will have to be fitted with carbon capture and storage by 2020

UK power margins have fallen faster than any other European Country

UK power margins have fallen faster than any other European country.  Margins have fallen from 7.9% to 2.2%. The Uk could import electricity from Europe but only if supply was available.  Going forward the UK has new projects in the pipe line but the economic crisis may affect this.

Nuclear power generators will need higher prices to be profitable.

A report from analyst Citi warns that the new build nuclear power generators will need higher prices to be profitable as there will be more financial risk than other forms of generation.

Scottish Water is working with Scottish and Southern Energy to generate wind power at the company's sites.  Scottish and Southern Energy will design, build and owen the turbines.  Scottish Water will also generate electricity from hydro turbines.

Ofgem has been asked to support small businesses.

Ofgem has been asked to support moves to stop suppliers rolling on contracts for small businesses or restrict them to a 6 month roll over.  Many small businesses are unaware of their contract terms governing change of supplier and contract roll over, this is being used by suppliers to restrict small businesses changing supplier.

The UK's largest ever delivery of liquefied natural gas has arrived.

The UK's largest ever delivery of liquefied natural gas has arrived at The National Grids Isle of Grain terminal totaling 50 million therms.