Ofgem 'on same page as government' over cheapest tariff idea

Energy regulator Ofgem today fell in behind prime minister David Cameron's intention to oblige energy suppliers to put customers on their cheapest tariff. Meanwhile one major supplier said a fully regulated market would be preferable. 


Cameron comments prompt Yeo challenge over energy bill delay

The chairman of the Energy and Climate Change select committee has challenged Secretary of State Ed Davey not to let the prime minster's recent comments on energy tariffs delay work on the energy bill. He also warned Davey the committee does not expect government's formal response to the committee report to be delayed. 

Npower and British Gas raise energy prices

Npower has joined rival British Gas in announcing it is increasing gas and electricity prices in the UK.

Npower will increase the price of gas by an average of 8.8% and electricity by 9.1% from 26 November.

Earlier, British Gas, the UK's biggest energy supplier, raised its charges for both types of fuel by an average of 6%, adding £80 a year to the average dual fuel bill.


Iraq could become world's second biggest oil exporter

IEA report says Iraq could soon be responsible for nearly half of all anticipated growth in global oil output.

Iraq could become the world's second-largest oil exporter within two decades and double its output by 2020, a major study has found.

Clean energy investment set to fall for first time in eight years

Global clean energy investment looks to be heading for a dip this year following a weak performance over the third quarter of 2012.

A total of $56.6bn was invested from July to September, a five per cent drop on the previous quarter and 20 per cent lower than the same period last year, figures from analyst Bloomberg New Energy Finance (BNEF) revealed today.

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Green deal: insulate your home from rising energy bills

If you are fed-up with living in a cold house or paying huge heating bills, and can't afford expensive home improvements, could the government's long-awaited green deal help?

The green deal still has big gaps to plug

As the evenings grow cooler, what better time to launch the biggest transformation of the nation's draughty housing stock ever attempted? The government's "green deal", which begins on Monday, aims to plug the gaps in 14m of Britain's leaky homes, making them cosier, cheaper to heat and producing less climate-heating carbon emissions. Yet severe doubts are swirling around the programme like a bitter winter wind, some even whipped up by the government's own analyses.

Questions over climate change minister's links to his adviser

A government minister has become embroiled in questions over his relationship with an adviser after meeting corporate clients of her private consultancy.

Greg Barker, the climate change minister, worked with the energyconsultant Miriam Maes when in opposition and she was hired as a departmental consultant soon after the coalition came to power.

Shell postpones plans to start Arctic drilling until next year

Environmental protesters blasted Shell on Monday after the energy giant abandoned controversial plans to start drilling for oil in the Arctic this year when a final test of its environmental protection equipment failed to meet the standards required to gain a full drilling permit.

Sainsbury's claims title of biggest solar power generator in Europe

Sainsbury's has today revealed that it has installed over 69,500 solar panels on its stores, laying claim to the title of Europe's top solar generator.