Nick Clegg denies splits with chancellor over green energy

Nick Clegg will try to get the coalition back on track on Monday by denying splits with the chancellor, George Osborne, over green energy. The aim is to reassure sceptical business leaders that the government is united about its long-term, renewable targets.

George Osborne in standoff over coalition's green energy plans

George Osborne's Treasury has refused to co-operate with a powerful committee of MPs preparing the coalition's flagship plans for low-carbon, affordable energy in what is being seen as further evidence of the chancellor's hostility to the green agenda, the Observer can reveal.

Energy bills up £11 a year to pay for network upgrades

Household energy bills could rise £7 this year and £15 by 2021 to help pay for upgrades to the UK's gas and high voltage electricity networks, says energy regulator Ofgem.

About £15bn of the proposed £22bn investment will go towards the upgrade and renewal of the high voltage electricity network in England and Wales and the UK's gas networks.

Bills will increase by £11 on average each year for the next eight years.

Consented gas plant 'won't be built until EMR completed'

The gas industry has warned ministers that the biggest barrier to new investment in gas generation is the continued uncertainty over the detail of electricity market reform. 

That was the key message from the Gas Forum in its submission to the Department of Energy and Climate Change's (Decc) call for evidence over the role of gas in the power market.

The trade body insisted that switching from coal-fired generation to gas-fired generation would "help decarbonise the electricity system at a lower cost in the short to medium term".

Eon to end doorstep selling

Eon is the last of the big six to door step selling. The firm said it plans to stop cold calling this autumn as part of a raft of measures Eon is the last of the big six to door step selling. The firm said it plans to stop cold calling this autumn as part of a raft of measures resulting from its reset review. 

Other proposals include an end to two tier billing, a standing charge and single unit rate tariff structure, simplified bills and personalised energy packages, reduced call centre waiting times and help for small businesses.

Energy bills: the hidden shock

Some gas and electricity customers are paying 40% more than a year ago after energy companies pulled their cheapest online-only deals.


Blackfriars station, the world's largest solar bridge

The solar panels will generate an estimated 900,000kWh of electricity every year, providing 50% of the station’s energy and reducing CO2 emissions by an estimated 511 tonnes per year. In addition to solar panels, other energy saving measures at the new station will include rain harvesting systems and sun pipes for natural lighting

Battersea Power Station - demolish, develop or preserve?

The power station goes on sale again next month, with an expected price tag of £300m to £400m and Chelsea Football Club is known to be interested

Bank of England says UK economy 'to zigzag' this year

The UK economy will "zigzag" this year, dipping in and out of growth, but avoid going back into recession, Bank of England chief Sir Mervyn King has said.

Are wind turbines increasing carbon emissions?

Wind power is 'crippling expensive' and preventing the UK from effectively reducing carbon emissions,says a new report. In a comprehensive quantitative analysis of CO2 emissions and wind-power, Dutch physicist C. le Pair has recently shown that deploying wind turbines on "normal windy days" in the Netherlands actually increased fuel (gas) consumption, rather than saving it, when compared to electricity generation with modern high-efficiency gas turbines.