Climate reduction committiment maybe scrapped

The Government raised the possibility that the tax – known as the Carbon Reduction Commitment (CRC) – could be merged with other taxes in a number of "discussion papers" for the 5,000 companies due to be affected.

Glendoe on track confirms Scottish and Southern Energy

Scottish and Southern Energy has confirmed its flasghip Glendoe hydro electricity plant should begin operating in the first half of next year.

The facility, near Loch Ness, has been dormant since August 2009 after a rockfall blocked a tunnel.

The 100 megawatt plant has only been open for eight months at the time but SSE said it is on course to re-open in 2012.

Germany winning renewable energy race.

A Carbon Trust investigation reveals that three times as many top UK decision makers believe Germany is better prepared than Britain to take advantage of the £3.2 trillion global environmental and renewable energy market.

£1bn in clean up costs for Nuclear Generators if an accident happens.

Nuclear operators will have to pay the first £1bn towards the cost of any accident in the UK – seven times more than the current cap on their liabilities – the government will propose tomorrow.

Energy secretary Chris Huhne told the Observer that he wanted to introduce the new rule to ensure that there would be no public subsidy for nuclear power.

Currently, any operator of a nuclear site only has to pay the first £140m towards clean-up costs, with the taxpayer contributing the rest.

UK Recovery damaged by higher energy prices

The government faced a widening campaign by business groups tonight calling for the mounting tax burden and soaring energy costs to be curbed.

The Major Energy Users Council (MEUC) has set up the Carbon Action Group to tackle the rise in fuel costs and the Federation of Small Businesses said the rises, coupled with VAT and other tax increases, were damaging companies and undermining a much-needed economic recovery.

Small Business need their own green deal

The managing director of British Gas has urged the government to ensure its soon to be launched Green Deal domestic energy efficiency scheme is tailored to ensure small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs) are incentivised to cut greenhouse gas emissions.

"SMEs account for 45 per cent of business energy and employ nearly 60 per cent of the private sector workforce, but there's no scheme to save energy by them, either as a tax or incentive, and that needs to change," he said

Energy Suppliers to face price review

The energy regulator OFGEM is to investigate recent price rises as it says they have significantly widened suppliers profit margins.

Ofgem said that the net profit margin of £65 per typical customer in September was now £90, a 38% rise.

The calculations take into account price rises announced by three of the "big six" suppliers in recent weeks.

Energy UK, which represents the major energy suppliers, said it had "nothing to hide" during a review.

Ofgem will review the domestic energy market to see if more action is needed to protect consumers.

Energy Saving tips for business during the cold weather

Finance directors across the UK will find themselves staring at an unexpected spike in their facilities' costs as the full financial impact of the UK's unseasonal sub zero temperatures filters its way down through the accounts towards the bottom line.

Business Energy supplier given planning permission for Sun Park

Business Energy user could soon be recieving their business electricity through Sun Parks.  Ecotricity has just one planning permission for its first site.

The business energy suplier can now move forward with their plans to built the 1MW worth of photovoltaic panels.  The site is opposite Ecotricity's fen way park wind farm.

Ecotricity founder Dave Vince said "This is a really exciting new initiative for us and for the UK. It's not just a new green power source we can harness on a large scale through our Sun Parks - but also the chance to combine that with wind energy."

British Gas owner Centrica forecasts higher profits

Days after announcing a 7% increase in gas prices, British Gas-owned Centrica has said in a trading update it expects operating profits for 2010 to be ahead of current expectations.