New hydro power unit starts operating to produce cheap electricity

A newly designed devise to generate cheap eletricity from hydro power has began operating in Scotland.

The system has been deignec by Pulse Tidal and has been installed in the Kylerhea Narrow off the isle of Skye.

The device is beleaved to be the world first fully submerged on a seabed and its horizontal blades are moved up and down by the tide to produce cheap electricity.

The site in the straits was chosen because the location benefits from a strong tide and is relatively sheltered. The location is the shortest distance from Skye to the mainland at a distance of around 550 metres.

Pulse tidal are currently running a year long environmental study, from this they can apply to Marine Scotland for permission for the project.  The project should be up and running and start to produce electricity commercially in 2012 for sale to the residential and business electricity market.