Government urged to provide eco-target details

Business energy comparison could be on the cards if the government lays out clear environmental targets, which one designer has called for.

Kevin McCloud, who presents the TV show Grand Designs, has said that legislation motivates invention and that legal requirements push industry to develop new products.

However, he added that the government is not being clear about its environmental goals and this is affecting manufacturers and inventors.

"The 2016 zero carbon directive has utterly transformed the building supply market. Photovoltaic, for example, and wind turbines have just leapt forward in technology, and that's because of legislation," Mr McCloud explained.

"This government isn't strong on the detail on targets - it's strong on big policy, but what industry really needs is targets."

Official targets laid out by the previous Labour administration include an 80 per cent reduction in carbon emissions to be achieved by 2050.

Consumers interested in doing their bit to contribute to this goal could switch gas providers and move to a supplier with a better environmental commitment.

Switching to a green energy tariff can slash your CO2 footprint by two tonnes and also save you £100s a year.