Online guide to help SMEs manage business energy

Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) could benefit from a new scheme launched by the Carbon Trust to help motivate them to reduce their business energy.

The organisation has set up an online guide to help SMEs manage their emissions. This could lead to them attaining the Carbon Trust Standard.

It is important SMEs understand the benefits of reducing their business energy, and the opportunities using new technology can create.

The Centre for Sustainable Environmental Management โ€“ Brunel Management Programmes (CSEM โ€“ BMP), noted that many SMEs face an uphill battle to embrace carbon reducing technology.

It is also noted that private firms find it harder than many public sector organisations to integrate this type of solution, as many of them are concerned about keeping their organisation open during the current economic climate.

Professor Ross King, joint programme director of CSEM โ€“ BMP, said that SMEs would like to consider going greener, but many are overwhelmed by the regulatory burden put on them by the government which makes it difficult for them to embrace the concept.