UK on track to hit emissions targets

Pollution from emissions including sulphur dioxide and nitrogen oxides continued to fall in 2007 according to figures from the department for enviroment, food and rural affairs.

Defra said sulphur dioxide emissions fell 12 per cent from 0.67 million tonnes (Mt) in 2006 to 0.59Mt in 2007.  The UK had committed to reaching this level of emissions by 2010, under the EU's National Emission Ceiling Directive (NECD)

Emissions of nitrogeon oxides fell 7 per cent over the year, from 1.6Mt in 2006 to 1.49Mt in 2007.  The has committed to reducing these emissions to 1.18Mt by 2010 under the NECD.

The figures were also in line with reductions required under the large combustion plant directive, although current targets have yet to be calculated.