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Small to medium sized companies failing to realise savings which can be made by switching their energy provider.

Large Business has known for years the benefits which can be achieved with a committed energy plan.  Large business have saved significant amounts of money over the years with correct negotiation of their corporate gas and electricity contracts and switching to whichever supplier offers the greatest savings.


Small to medium sized companies have failed to realise the savings which can be made with an up to date energy plan. Small to medium sized companies have mostly stuck with their historical supplier and failed to switch their business gas and electricity.  This has meant that most small to medium sized company’s have never thought of leaving one of the big six, British Gas, Scottish and Southern Energy, Eon, Npower, Scottish Power, EDF.   


It seems more important in the present credit crunch for small to medium sized companies to take more control over their businesses energy bills than ever before.  The main problem is lack of information. Most small to medium companies don’t know their renewal dates for their energy contracts and believe it is difficult to switch suppliers.  Some of the major energy suppliers are taking advantage of this fact to increase small to medium sized companies’ renewal contracts for their business electricity and gas.


There are websites on the internet which are designed for small to medium sized companies to give them free information regarding their business energy needs. offers free, independent advice on how to save money on corporate gas and electricity.  Some small to medium sized companies have found they can save as much as 50% by simply switching supplier.