Thousands of businesses face higher energy bills this year is they fail to terminate their current agreement.

Despite falling wholesale prices thousands of business are facing higher energy bills.  Most small to mediums sized companies are getting caught out by not reading the small print in their energy contract requiring them to give specific notice of termination.  In some cases this can be up to 3 months.  If the company fails to comply they are deemed to have automatically renewed at the new price.


The new price is normally substantially higher than the market price on average 20% more.


The ‘big six’ suppliers in the UK control 96% of the energy market between them.  The ‘big six’ will often renew existing business customers on higher rates than new customers, so firms failing to read the small print could end up paying more than they need to.


All business energy users should ensure they terminate their energy contracts in plenty of time to ensure they’re contract is not automatically renewed.  Business Energy Switch offer all business the option to use their free no obligation renewal system which will e mail business to advise them when they will need to terminate their energy contracts. 


Those business failing to terminate their current energy contract in most cases will end up paying more.