Gas Storage Scheme Blocked

Plans to build the UK's largest onshore gas storage facility have been blocked by Lancashire Council despite mounting worry over the UK's security of Energy Supplies.

Rejecting Canatxx £350 million gas storage project would deeply embarras the Conservative Party who run the council.  The conservative party have been publically attacking the government over the lack of gas storage in the Uk in the wake of the freezing weather.

The plans would have increased the UK gas storage by a third.  With all the gas storage in the country there would be gas to last 16 days based on average useage.  The amount falls well behind other European country's.  Frances full storage capacity could last 91 days and Germany gas storage could last 73 days.

The national grids gas balencing alert has been trigged four times this month.  National grid before this month has only ever issued warning on the gas level five times since it was set up three years ago.

National grid has advised that there are enough different sources of gas to maintain the UK's security of supply.  Reserves from the North Sea are dwindling and the UK is becoming ever more relient of imported gas.  The system is also predicted on the market functioning so that the high gas price in the UK attracts sufficient imports to meet demand.