Renewable energy inestimate is considered by 50% of UK Companies

There is growing corporate interest in the renewable energy sector due to the introduction of the Carbon Reduction Commitment (CRC) scheme last month in the UK, according a survey commissioned by the InvestinCornwall development agency.

Some 48 per cent of respondents are already using renewable energy sources generated on site or green energy tariffs, while others are merely considering introducing greener energy to their firm.  This could all lead to cheaper business electricity in business gas in the future.

With companies being more business energy efficient could lead to business electricity and business gas prices dropping due to the lack of demand from the grid

"Despite rapid growth the renewable sector has stood in the shadow of other industries for many years," said Lucy Hunt, InvestinCornwall manager.

"But this report marks a major change in attitudes to the sector and demonstrates its importance. The UK's natural resources, heritage, and skills base make it ideal for renewable energy businesses."

At the beginning of April, the government brought in the CRC initiative in a bid to make businesses more energy efficient.

The CRC has led to companies using less Business electricity and business gas being rewared when companies using more business energy being penalised.